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 Help make the forum popular

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PostSubject: Help make the forum popular   Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:51 am

As a Site Developer, my job is to help improve the forum. So let's start improving it by making it popular.

As this is a new-born forum. We should start advertising this IRL first, tell this forum to your friends, your classmates, you teacher, your mom, your girlfriend, your pet etc.

I don't really guarantee advertising this on the internet, as people might think "OH HEY A NEW FORUM.. WAIT WTF ONLY 4 PPL ITSA TRAP". So we should really start gathering people IRL first Razz

My target is to reach 25 user, who's with me? Cool

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PostSubject: Re: Help make the forum popular   Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:05 pm

I'll try to recruit some of my neighbors
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Help make the forum popular
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